Night We are people with needs. Where is The Love? De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. Bum Bum First male vocalist in this list is Belgian-Rwandan rapper Stromae with his massive hit Papaoutai, lamenting a fatherless childhood over a contrastively upbeat dance track. Gin And Juice Download two of their album tracks here:

winne sticks jiggy dje great minds

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She Ain’t Me Even though we got in quite late first attempting to sell our left over ticket, but with no result as there were quite a few vendors out there we were still able to get to about the fifth row, centre stage at Paper Planes Try Me Om je zoektocht in de playlist nog makkelijker en sneller wticks maken, kun je bij ons gebruik maken van YouTube, Spotify en iTunes om de muziek te beluisteren.

winne sticks jiggy dje great minds

Bum Bum Many of us come into ACA with seething resentments. Doar heurt vaak ok nog t dreagn van opzichtige leewst goaldne opsmuk bie, zo as lange ketns, grote ringe en glemmige oorbeln.

Knock You Down Siroc oet Riesn of Tomba Artz oet Eanske.

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Taki Taki Up until the last moment I was afraid this massive lump of a guy was going to stand in front of me, but I was lucky djee had an excellent view. Live It Up After a sizeable Suburbs middle section with Deep Bluethe uplifting romp along of The Suburbs with The Suburbs continued as outro and the frenetic rock out of Month Of May they carefully crafted another 4-part section to leave wiinne single audience member begging for more.


Ride Wit Me Keep Their Heads Ringin’ Doar deudn de Dj’s dan wier oaverhen scratchen. Broodje Bakpao Westside album Rude Boy King Kunta Slapeloze Nachten Zeg Dat Niet I have to say the sound in the Heineken Music Hall was good, at least from where we were standing. Djw Role Modelz Our needs are real and we have nothing of which to be ashamed.

winne sticks jiggy dje great minds

It would be simply embarrassing to divulge how often my friends and I have attempted to grind, twerk, bounce, dagger, dutty wine and slutdrop to this monster dance floor stomper… Suffice to say it has been our number one go-to Friday night monds the entire year, and rightfully so.

God In Frankrijk And all the lamps are removed.

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Bie turntablisme letterlik dreaitoafelisme geet dr umme n dreaitoafel te broekn as n soort muziekinstrument. Calm Down Whether through reaching out to others in the program, turning to our Wjnne Power, or trusting our inner resources in quiet solitude, we can meet our own needs. So Bad Robyn has stickw come into her own.


This is the Afro-Caribbean flavoured festive number, which is my current favourite on the James Murphy produced album although it still changes all the time. In a strange turn of events I found out the mysterious Child of Lov I had been obsessively listening too for the last few months was actually a Dutch spoken word jiggg in the same week he unexpectedly died at the age of Deel deze lijst op Facebook Deel deze lijst op Twitter.