After making the drive selection s , click Next. Change the view in either window to see two aspects of the same selected item. The ideal reference computer will be a clean computer. In the Files to Insert dialog, select the file, and click Open. Use the registry option in the List View window to see a list of registry entries and to indicate what changes are to be made to the registry when the Windows Installer package is installed. What application is being installed. END key Brings you to the bottom of the items visible in the tree.

wininstall le veritas

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As you select each drive letter, click Add to add that drive to the scan list. The Icon window shows examples of the icons you can use. This common infrastructure is designed for use on a private network. When you click all the items, you can view a tree of packages, features, and components.

wininstall le veritas

Esse post foi publicado em Books. The default is drive C: The Select Icon dialog appears. Open the File Properties dialog, as described in the vertias procedure, and click Permissions.

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When it is finished, you can close the window and remove the CD from the drive. HOME key Brings you to the top of the items visible in the tree. It can be less powerful than those your clients use.


The Discover program will record current settings. You can add entries to wininstll list, remove entries, or modify information about shortcuts already in the list. If winlnstall have created a Windows Installer package on an appropriate reference computer, you may not want to modify the package at all.

The icons shown in Figure 3 below represent packages, features, and components:.

wininstall le veritas

To add a dependency, select either Group or Service. You can display both windows variously using the Window menu options to Cascade, Tile Horizontally, etc. To modify general information about a service, select it in the list, and click Modify. Run Discover to take the Before snapshot on a clean reference computer—not on the computer where the Veritas Software Console is installed. On the Edit menu, click Add Feature or right-click the package or feature name and click Add Feature.

The string that you entered in the MultiString Editor dialog appears in the data column. A clean computer is defined as a computer with only the following installed before you run Discover:.

wininstall le veritas

Press F6 to move between wininstal area in a counter-clockwise direction. If you cannot meet the ideal of using a clean reference computer, you must use a quiet one. Do not map a drive to the Program Files share.


If you want to add arguments or change the icon the user sees, click the Icon tab, and the Icon dialog appears. This is the Before snapshot. The File Properties dialog appears.


If you desire, you can then edit this package through the Windows Installer Package Editor wjninstall is part of the Veritas Software Console. Type the value and data that are to be removed when the Windows Installer package runs.

No association with any real company, organization, product, person, or event is intended or should be inferred. To add a font to the list, click the Add button.


Tree View appears in the top left of the Veritas Software Console. This option allows you to quickly and easily compare the data of different items. After you click OK, the value appears in the Data View pane. Use wininstaol option buttons to indicate whether the package is to remove a line or a tag.

Use the Shortcuts option in the List View window to view or modify a list of shortcuts that are to be installed when an application is installed.