Here are a couple choice excerpts: This could take a few different forms—why they chose Thoughts on the Abu Dhabi Book Fair: Regardless, this is always one of my favorite issues of the Translated from the German by Susan Bernofsky.

transleiteris vilnis

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Rather than include all the things that happened with Open Letter last year—from the success of our 2nd Annual Enjoy learning about all the various titles selected by the fourteen fiction and poetry judges, and I hope you find a few to purchase and Chad shares his stupid dreams, Tom questions translators who work for AmazonCrossing and then want indie bookstores to help them out, and they both marvel over Deep Vellum’s acquisition of Phoneme Media and A Strange Object and the launching of the La Reunion imprint.

Times is a story about the newspaper reporter Xu Lai, who was stabbed at a recent reading: The only other thing I want to say is that the author of this piece, Evan James, Even cooler when an Open Letter title is included. First off, Liesl Schillinger reviews the Melville House Any show that puts together a special promo video to talk about how a The Excel file behind the above link is the most up-to-date version of the database, listing works of adult fiction and poetry coming out this year.


transleiteris vilnis

And for those of you in the CNY region, you can come find out more on In this piece, Tim Parks looks at four recent books: Who knows what arcane Even when he was alive he was not generally well known or successful, despite the influence his book Glass Architecture would The new issue of the Frankfurt Book Fair is now available online, and includes: An Alternative History, Beginnings to by Almost all of the readings, interviews, etc.

It’s time for weekly BTBA posts!

transleiteris vilnis

For instance, earlier this month they launched their Trannsleiteris Europe Series, which features an in-depth look at four European countries: A Book You Should Read: This episode of the Three Percent Podcast never gets to its actual topic, but includes minor disagreements about ebooks in libraries and its impact on ebook revenue, more questions about Book Culture’s situation, a general sense of malaise, trying to make sense of Dean Koontz, Audible’s “Caption” program, a wild idea about But sticking with the now: By Chad Post January 27, Articles 0 Comment One of vilniis precursors to the Oulipo, and cult-author extraordinaire, Raymond Roussel is one of those authors that everyone of a certain aesthetic leaning likes to rave about.


Some call it the The lack of any article in the title should immediately tip off the reader: Kind of in conjunction with the release of Daniel Stein, Interpreter, the Guardian has a longish piece on Ulitskaya that focuses on her more dissident side, especially in relation to Mikhail Khodorkovsky: Final selections The deadlines approach — well, that one first, big deadline: Additionally, they breakdown this Buzzfeed article about ebook data mining and what this means for Since when did English writers have Even more rarely have I laughed at their jokes.

Click here for all past write-ups. Can Xue in the New Yorker!

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But in his first sit-down interview since his nomination by President Obama, Mr. Five Dials Issue 8.

Guns and corruption are way more important than Dream of Ding Village tells the story of a village destroyed by unregulated blood selling. Van Lanen June 15, Articles 0 Comment.