Timothy Waud June 10, at 8: Greetings fellow Android users! I also got error code 10 so I just used my logic and intuition on this one and went on and edited the “tetherxp. Anonymous November 21, at Muzammil Fakih January 17, at 8:

tetherxp.inf file

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Tethering Android to Windows XP

Maulia Githa May 5, at Anonymous November 18, at 9: It did find the drivers installed by default in win xp but it failed to start on my windows xp media edition with my LG G3 vigor phone. Anurag Garg April 25, at 8: Gonna use tetherxp.inc all the way until I change to my new phone! It worked for me Pawan Gupta February 14, at 5: Hope to hear more from you.

tetherxp.inf file

Most are happy to provide this information and some manufacturers such as Nokia offer pre-configured files that you can install onto your phone for your network. It worked for me and I got no error codes after this and the tethering worx excellent now.


Select ” Install from a list or specific location Advanced “, and click next. Android always make our life easier: GPRS is a system used to transmit data at speeds of up to 60 kbits per second and is a battery friendly way to tettherxp.inf and receive emails and to browse the internet but in these days of broadband connectivity it will be seen as slow by some.

tetherxp.inf file

Sam Barnum July 1, at To download it and for further information, click here: I have removed your email address from your post to protect your privacy. However, on my friends PC which runs Win 7 OS, it is a breeze as it detects my Smartphone device and tetherxl.inf installs the drivers whereby you can clearly see the drive in My Computer Moazzam Azeemi November 28, at Pandu Dryad May 11, at 3: Hello, thanks for posting this information, I was trying to find fipe on this topic —this was very helpful.

is missing from your computer? Download for Windows 7, 8, 10, Xp

Anonymous August 30, at Will update you all again once I gotten my new phone! Anonymous January 13, at 3: TexasUberAlles January 19, at 3: At this time though 3G has good coverage and enables high speed internet access from your phone and is fast becoming a standard for mobile connectivity.


Worked with my tethherxp.inf laptop and a Sony Z3.

Anonymous January 30, at Anonymous May 22, at Thanks for main thread poster Karcyeh. So use tetgerxp.inf device id appeared on device manager after you activate the tethering service on the smartphone.

tetherxp.inf file

Claudiu Cirmaci April 10, at 9: Subscribe me for more tricks and tips. This is because the existing 3G network architecture hetherxp.inf would have deployed and made compatible was never designed to handle such massive bandwidth. However if that is not an option for you we can try and get the USB tethering working What do I do?