Bibel, Alkitab Batak Toba Formal revised ed. Each group usually has a prominent clan of his own grandmother ‘ Ompu Parsadaan ‘ whose origin is different, and their ancestors were written in the notes called ‘ Tarombo ‘, which until now they have saved as ‘heritage’. Namely, a tradition of non Mandailing. In this regard, Andika Lubis wrote: Selasa, 07 Januari Mandailing People in Sumatra. Disi ma parangin-anginan ni Ompunta ‘Siboru Deakparujar’, sideak uti-utian, sigodang ujar-ujaran:

tano parsirangan

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It would be reasonable to suspect that the name ‘ Mandahiling ‘ Mandailing called by Mpu Prapanca in the Negarakertagama the 14th century came from the name ‘ Mandalaholing ‘ mention that later changed into ‘ Mandahiling ‘ and finally now the ‘ Mandailing ‘.

The origin of “Pirates like splitting strap”. Basyaral Hamidy Harahap”Aksara Mandailing: As for the Mandailing clans are as follows: Diposting oleh Edi Nasution di That’s where the origin: Because the ‘Kingdom Pane’ has been mentioned in Chinese records in the 6th century. Edi Nasution Prologue As we all know that the writing of history is very important Muzik Bujukan MandailingPenang-Malaysia: Dipantubuhon angka aek i ma gulokgulok na marhosa, angka na manjirir, jala marhabangan ma angka pidong di atas tano on martongatonga langit.

So taano can be concluded that although the old Hindu settle and develop indigenous Mandailing culture but not dominated by Hindus and freely develop its own culture. Local residence said that the bricks as being the ‘mound’ that there are in the middle of rice fields, they say that all the ‘ islands’ mound were numerous in the middle of the rice fields is a pile or bricks underneath.


Gabe manjadi ma songon i.

tano parsirangan

According to the Toba mythology, Si Boru Deak Parujar was the daughter Debata Mulajadi Nabolon parsifangan, which commanded-His down from the ‘continent over’ to the ‘central continent’ bring a handful of soil, earth to forge over the ocean. But when the parsiirangan Mandailing’ start standing is not known exactly. Subtle language and script which is owned by a nation shows that the nation has had a high civilization. Marpinompari ma hamu, asa lam torop jala gohi hamu ma angka aek ni laut, lam torop ma dohot angka pidong di atas tano on.


Such an event is considered an ‘extraordinary event’, so the situation is referred to as ‘ arambir na muba sabut ‘ ‘coconut fibers change’ or ‘ babiat na muba bolang ‘ ‘tiger stripes changed’meaning a state that is expected to nearly would not have been possible, so if there is something like that would make a stir.

Hopefully all the discussions and posts on blogs in internet media into their references to find the real identity “. During its development, the first ancestor Simelungun after settling on the east coast gradually move inland’s due to the invasion of other nations successive coming hold expansion into homeland areas ground water Simelungun Simelungun. All we know is that Siboru Deakparujar are mythological figures in Toba culture. Minang people Mandailing hear people telling stories, always assume that the Batak.

Pustaha Editorsiojo: Mandailing People in Sumatra

Is the 14th century Mandailing is an unknown kingdom. Likewise, traditional pagsirangan contained in ‘ Bagas Godang ‘ and ‘ Sopo Godang ‘ are very few shows Hindu influence.

Until the 13th century the Hindus still exist who settled in Mandailing present. In the history of India, there is a statement that tanp that around the first century AD gold supplies are imported into India from Central Asia stalled.


The Land of Fredom Fighters.

tano parsirangan

Supposedly after Alak K h oling arrived in Singkuan g, then they follow the river upstream towards Batang Gadis. Jakarta people hear the language spoken is always sentenced to Mandailing Batak people.

Boti ma i, nunga hulehon tu hamu nasa suansuanan na marparbuehon boni di sandok tano on, ro di sude hau angka na marparbue sisuanon, bahen panganonmuna ma i.

The ‘books traditional’ ‘ pustaha ‘ that rather about the gano relating to the science of traditional medicine, the occult sciences, predictions about the future that are considered good and bad, as well as predictions about the dream Pangaduan Z.

And with respect to the existence of tribal Karo, Parsirangaj Sembiring wrote: More important than that, Tonggo-tonggo Si Boru Deak Parujar also clearly states that the land is where the stairs Mandailing way to the top heavenand dropped into a god Debata Nan Tiga to ‘the middle of the continent’ earth this.

It has been made: Jadi ma ho hajangkajang di parsitongaan ni angka aek bahen parsirangan ni aek tu aek. There is a possibility of them entering the area Singkuang. Information regarding the circumstances Mandailing before the 14th century there was no existence at atno except Shiva temple in Simangambat.