Back to Video Cameras forum. It is a great editor for just this application. In fact, we could transfer a minute of high-quality video in about 26 seconds, which is twice as fast as DV over FireWire. I never have found it a good idea to use the camera to burn the disc. Once reported, our moderators will be notified and the post will be reviewed. Pause to Record times are as fast as tape.

sony dcr-dvd201 software

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What am I doing wrong!!

sony dcr-dvd201 software

This is my first camcorder. This camera, while slower that most conventional tape-based machines is much better than its ancestors. I think you can learn a bunch by viewing the ImageMixer site?

Sony Handycam DCR-DVD201 ? Anyone familiar?

The disc loads from the right, under the hand strap, which can get in the way softwware bit, but this is still the best place on this tiny camera for the disc door as opposed to the bottom. It is a great editor for just this application. I always record in HQ mode where I get about 20 minutes per side.

I have had no luck, yet. You can remove the last scene if you use the edit function before you turn off the camera.

sony dcr-dvd201 software

When you “finish” a disk you can copy it to dcr-svd201 disk or download it to your computer. Then I can put the old tape back in and continue recording.


If you record in the VR mode rather than the Video mode, you must only use the DVDcam to play and record or use it on the computer with ImageMixer software. Perhaps someone who has one of these camcorders can relieve some anxieties for those of us considering the switch.

Thanks and best regads, Rik. Since i am not interested in burning to DVD’s, i think maybe this is my best option.

What software is good for SONY DCR-DVD201 camcorder?

This is a great feature for anybody who has ever shuttled back and forth looking for a particular shot in the middle of the tape. Otherwise, you will delete these too! Did you manage to fix yours?

One of the great advantages of digital DVD camcorders is random access to each scene on the disc. But, in the VR mode you can edit a lot of stuff right on the camera. Not many recorders appear to be supported as well siny the Xcr-dvd201 base Windows are a no-no. Also, it only takes about a minute to switch DVDs. Finding these discs will probably not be difficult at electronic superstores and you can get them online fairly easily, but they are still much harder to find than full-sized blank DVDs.

sony dcr-dvd201 software

In other words, when I put this siny DVD in my drive and pull up windows explorer, what do I see? S-video, composite video, stereo audio, USB 2.


CR-R disks when you finish them it is done. The camera connects to the computer via a USB 2. You can remove and reload an unfinished DVD as often as you like. And I have done some research before deciding on this model. If you think you can get used to the quirks inherent in the DVD format, you owe it to yourself to give this camcorder a closer look.

Sony Handycam DCR-DVD ? Anyone familiar? – August – Forums – CNET

DVD recordings do snoy have to be finished as long as you do not intend to play them on another device. Back to Video Cameras forum.

I hoped to be able to take multiple recordings from two or more small discs and edit them and finally burn the result onto a full-size DVD. How to put the files generate by Sony DVD camcorder The resulting movies are not useful unless you are some kind of scientist as the intrusive stamps ruin any sense of movie aesthetics.