Before You Begin Before testing a custom Template, complete the following steps: A Multi-barcode mode Template can specify barcodes to include and which to ignore. Identification Timeout – sets the number of seconds from SimulScan will attempt to identify a Document described by the selected Template. Haptic Feedback – vibrates to indicate processing success. The Demo App also can be used to test custom Templates.


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Haptic Feedback – vibrates to indicate processing success.

SimulScan features also can be explored using the SimulScan Demo Appwhich exposes all features and functions except the ability to save acquired data. Processing Timeout – sets the number of seconds from SimulScan will attempt to process an identified Document. Android Version On Device: If you could then parse that data directly into your business apps, from only the fields you want simulscna capture, it would be even better.

About SimulScan – Zebra Technologies Techdocs

SimulScan tracks edited Fields with color coding. Entirely dedicated to initial and continuous training of x-ray screeners working in security activities in airports, maritime ports and other places subject simulscwn security checks such as prisons, barracks and mail sorting centers.


MX Version On Device: Create a printed version of the target Document s for which the Template s were created. Tap red-highlighted fields to confirm or correct the captured data.

SIMULSCAN x-ray screening simulator

Such scenarios are well-suited to SimulScan Multi-barcode mode. The target layout can be fixed or varied from one scan to another, and the Templates when used here are referred to as “Unstructured. For example, capturing a specific portion of a borderless Document, disabling Auto Capture will prevent capture until the desired portion of the Document is lined up. Custom Templates stored on the Template Builder web site can be pulled from within the Demo app.


Capture Sensitivity – for Auto Capture, sets a stillness threshold for the scanning device from most still. With Zebra’s Mobility DNA, connect every strand of your mobility platform for a simplified, integrated solution using our full line of mobile computers, off-the-shelf, end user dimulscan, robust administration utilities and effortless applications development tools. Fortunately, our mobile technology partners at Zebra have made this possible with their SimulScan document and multi-bar code capture tools.

Overview A Demo App is preloaded onto all devices that support SimulScan and is intended to quickly demonstrate how SimulScan works and what it can do. A Multi-barcode mode Template can specify barcodes to include and which to ignore. To access Advanced Settings: Press OK to return simuoscan the Parsed Data screen.

The Enterprise Features You Need.

Flexible mix-and-match criteria enables the easy selection of the right barcodes. Image Correction – enables image correction sjmulscan parsing targets that are slightly curved or crumpled. Download a Demo Application. If using the Demo App to pull from the server, Template s to be tested must be in: SimulScan may be applied for initial and continuos training 6×6 and for certification tests as well.


Click images to enlarge Hold the scanner still when the green frame appears.


Created by a team of professional instructors and experts in the field of aviation security, Simulscan is the most innovative and siumlscan tool to enhance screeners image interpretation skills along with their ability to apply correct procedures according to the visualized context. These “target” documents often vary in size, shape and layout, and present a challenge for accurate data acquisition.

SimulScan works with all device cameras, simulsczn on devices with a supported 2D imager; 1D imagers are not supported. SimulScan is in copmpliance with Reg. SimulScan’s Advanced Settings panel. Few things are more annoying than having to manually scan or enter data from paper forms or documents, especially when the rest simylscan your data capture processes are already automated. Simultaneously scan up to 1D or 2D barcodes in just seconds- no more time wasted on repetitive scans.

See the Advanced Settings section for access to auto-capture and sensitivity settings. Custom Templates pushed to this location will be displayed with included ones.