Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualization, the breath, movement, or attention. China hd pip China e – pip China gas pip. Principles of Integrated Medicine by P. These different levels are measured against an axis of time and are sub- divided from three major groups- pre-medical, medical and post- medical. The results in this case were immediate and long lasting. However, a common complaint of CAM practitioners is that the clinical research being carried out to test their validity is not performed in a manner which complements their given modality i.

polycontrast interference photography

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Since all scans are saved to the computer it is a simple matter to check on subsequent sessions if the treatment is holding and where to focus next.

polycontrast interference photography

HEF and vice versa. From another article debunking PIP:. Interestingly, during experiments with Harry to see what happens during hands-on healing, the following two pictures were taken. Energy field of Great Dane hound main body shown only while seated pnotography sofa showing energy leak from base chakra.

P.I.P. ‘Energy Field Imaging’ Polycontrast Interference Photography

The past few decades have seen large advances in the CAM field. International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography. The best model is one that evaluates each case individually to work out the most cost effective and least invasive treatment that would be appropriate.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your knterference address will not be published. We believe it to be an organising template of energy. She was carrying a bear repellent pepper spray in her hand just in case of a surprise encounter when she suddenly tripped over a log accidentally discharging the contents into the air just as she breathed in.


The PIP technology is not of course a replacement for conventional medical diagnostic procedures and is never used as such, however it can often illuminate hidden factors in a difficult case.

polycontrast interference photography

What Exactly is Mediation? It is a well known fact amongst energy workers around the world that energy field imbalances can be detected before they manifest in the physical body.

But if a chakra is behaving itself perfectly, one colour will predominate — for instance the throat chakra has more of a blue hue when it is balanced than when its not. While computers make our jobs easier, using them can take its toll on our bodies. It further acts as a motivational measurement system to encourage patients to make better informed health choices and steer clear of developing issues.

P.I.P. ‘Energy Field Imaging’ Polycontrast Interference Photography – ppt video online download

interderence This is one of the best examples of what the Matrix Energetic frequencies can intefrerence. The PIP here illustrates her condition even though she had not informed me that she was experiencing any symptoms in the bronchial area at that time. This scan shows what the energetic presentation of upper back pain looks like.

Streeter Biofield Sciences, Pvt. I examined the photographs of Chakras The PIP technology provides a way to objectively assess where the client’s symptoms may be originating from and whether or not the results of treatment have properly addressed the area of concern and been successful.


More enjoyable computer usage.

As you can see, the second picture is much clearer and brighter and the dark red patches have improved. Dr Streeter believes that the energy field is the matrix upon photographg our physical bodies hang. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. The EF has often been seen, described and depicted in religious and spiritual writings dating back to the earliest writings. The Navel Chakra is leaking energy.

polycontrast interference photography

Even if it did work, it would probably make things worse as vartec commented. Polycontrast Interference Photography PIP In the late s, using microchip technology, Harry Oldfield developed a scanner which could provide a real time, moving image of the energy field.

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Polycontrast Interference Photography System (PIP)

So what keeps them a coherent recognisable form? Sign up to join this community. The same is true with the HEF. In effect what we have achieved here is a system which can see the energy field from and around the body in much the same way as people with gifts of vision can.