For those who walk Your chosen way a world of dreams its glamour throws! Inhabitants of which habitation these Lovers are? What else can be this life but zeal for endless strife? Of what disease nations die? Sanam Marvi , Arif Lohar. For the moth was heat, for the firefly light made. Nothing of the burning and making of the Muslims is hidden from me.

pareshan ho ke meri khak mp3

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Ordinary poets like ordinary politicians try to gain immediate popularity. Breath is a wave of air, it is no more padeshan a flow! Zuhaib HassanSanam Marvi. O heedless man, let this be known, brains alone you do not own. Musa was effortlessly attracted to Tur How strong, O Zeal your attraction was! Sanam MarviShafqat Amanat Ali. Unfortunately, he did not live to see his dream come true.

The nightingale of the garden and the hawk of the desert! You think your heart is a heart, Forsaking the search for illumined hearts. Doobe Huay Taron Ka Matam Kab Talak From the womb of this old universe a new red sun is born— For extinguished stars, of heaven, how much longer will you mourn? What is ek secret of knowledge and wisdom? Lying on my chest the lightning of Sinai sobs: It is sky if it is above your head; If it is under your wings, it becomes earth.


pareshan ho ke meri khak mp3

You know not the way. You, forever unsuspecting, have forever lost the game. Love is the messenger of God.

pareshan ho ke meri khak mp3

Are you sure you want to continue? For those who walk Your chosen way a world of dreams its glamour throws!

And I—I too inhabit this abode of light; but why Is the star burned out that rules my destiny? That they alone are blest with speech how proud these humans be, Yet, ignorant, paresha lack the art to use it gracefully.

My vision has a taint of the Western style; I am a Ghaznavi by temper, but my fate is that of an Ayaz! Such thoughts that shine like lustrous stars my brain, like workshop, can provide: This inner core of me ,e mercury.

Behind the scenes of Coke Studio.

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Your sea is full of calm and rest is it repose or magic art? Or risked the perils of fell war that Your Divinest will be wrought? My poet of the East to madness dedicate. AnticipationIt is quite likely that as our society grows it will demand the right to examine each problem afresh. Sanam marvi sindhi video Manzil e suffi. Iqbal has been acclaimed as the national poet of Pakistan. After that they took all possible precautions to crush every revivalist, nationalist or religious movement in that country.


Though Muslim true of clay is born from earthly bonds still he is torn. The creature circles around your meir.

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Rehna It is best for you not to remain indiferent to yours own O apathetic person! I had regard for the failure of the hunter, O friend Otherwise, why could I come over lying for one grain? Do you remember those days? It knows nothing of God.

pareshan ho ke meri khak mp3