He’s comprised of cardboard boxes, The pop-culture fan art covers characters from TV, cartoons, video games, movies, comic books, and more. Bagi anda yang hobi bikin papercraft atau cubeecraft sekarang udah ada cubeecraft angry birds. Passion Pit – Sleepyhead. DanboKertas Tonton Juga video saya yang PIC Place the shrub on top of the paper strip on your background.

papercraft boneka danbo

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Step by Step It’s Christmas, Danbo! We placed it 6 in.

This includes the edges of each panel and all tabs. I got the Dr Who part from February 1stpaoercraft The Cubeecraft tabbed design allows you to assemble the artwork without glue. Which color will I get? Neste video vamos aprender a fazer um Danbo para servir de companheiro para outro Danbo.

Making of Danbo video Total time spent: If you are using a glue stick, support the back of a large tab with your finger and cover the front of the tab with a thin layer of glue.

papercraft boneka danbo

DanboKertas Tonton Juga video saya yang Apply pressure for another 10 seconds. PIC You can place them anywhere you bonwka however, the shrub should be 2 inches from the bottom of the paper so the ground block will overlap it a little.


Little scissors are easier to navigate the tiny curves.

Hard Took me 6 hours to complete. A guide to building your own Danbo from paper. The pop-culture fan art covers characters from TV, cartoons, video games, movies, comic books, and more.

A guide to Danbo’s head and arm joints. PIC Place your papercfaft in the center of the last panel in the longest section of the artwork. To glue the last panel you need to glue paeprcraft press three tabs at once.

If not, the tabs would tend to pull out. I made this Danboard to companion my Steve Jobs paper cube.

papercraft boneka danbo

Let’s start with the shrub since it requires a bit more work. But my record crashed Mario, mushrooms, and the piranha plant have multiple parts that need to be joined.

All About PaperCraft : Januari

Unboxing of Danboard Danbo video This is an boneja film of the danboard danbo figure from revoltech. Bagi yang demen nih sama kartun yang satu ini bisa dicoba mungkin papercraftnya: We show you how to combine Cubeecraft toys, magnets, and a 24 x 36 in. I was browsing one night on google images for wallpaper when I spotted this “box man”.


PIC For Mario, put 3 magnets in his head. PIC Place the paper on a table with the nicest side facing up.

Danbo Papercraft Full Body

Downloadprint, and cut out the clouds and shrub. A pretty cheesy vid, don’t you think?

Repeat the assembly steps for the rest of the Cubeecraft characters. Danbo ou Danboard est un petit personnage en carton issu du manga japonais Yotsuba. PIC Use a small pair of scissors to carefully cut out the artwork. Cut off 2 inches from the bottom bonka the other sheet of printer paper to give you a 2 x 8.