The answer file is invalid. Do I need to create a profile other than the built in admin? It has been modified though, to work with Windows 7 and to work with MySysprep2. Windows 10 will boot in this mode no matter how many times you reboot your computer until sysprep is running. I came across this: Insert image from URL. With that in mind I set out to make one image that would boot on either system.


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In our case, the answer file is on the root of the drive D:.

You should disconnect your Windows 10 PC from network on the final Sysprep stage Step 10 when you run command: Again, nothing shocking there.

Go myssprep2 to the Giamgex program you opened in step 5.

MySysprep 2

Posted by Wayne February 19, Save a copy of wimscript. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Create mywysprep2 following files and tuck them away for later. It was a great product with a simple setup. Windows 7 doesn’t have mini-setup.

WDS: Computer Name = Serial Number

Who in their right mind wants to view photos in Paint? Does anyone know if there is a known problem or issue with using mysysprep2 and Windows 7? Reload the unsealed image and fix the broken crap you found in Step 6.


Now you need to select the features you want to install. Then, when we began transitioning from XP mysysprep 7, we moved all of the Staff PCs first, and msysprep2 a while for the Publics.

Sysprep Windows 10 Machine: Step by Step Guide – TheITBros

You’ll have to do some playing with a system to determine which object you need to pull. It’s worked so well for us with Windows XP!

Besides, Pain will be removed from the next version of Win Examples of handwriting and voice samples, location information, error reports, calendar contents — all this can be sent to Microsoft servers. I saw one person suggest that the Photos app be removed because it was too basic. The next thing to look at is offline servicing. Keep in mind that those commands add drivers to only one image from mysyspdep2 WIM file.


If you paid close attention to some mysysprwp2 my earlier post you may know that where I work we have two basic categories of PCs: Posted by frankwick January 15, That means very little work you, unless you want to be special.


Posted by Jon P January 4, Okay, no big deal. The oem image is not showing up. Go back to Step 4 and keep going back through until you squash all of your bugs.

Sign In Sign Up. Welcome to Reaper’s Mysypsrep2, my site for sharing some of the pain, suffering, and successes I’ve had with Windows imaging and deployment.

Sysprep Windows 10 Machine: Step by Step Guide

I suppose my questions are these: I thought I’d start out by giving a general overview of how I go about the process of building and deploying a new Windows image where I work. Starting with Windows 8.


Configure mysyxprep2, Start Tiles, desktop icons, Taskbar Pinned Items, homepage and search options ad over options as required. The use of ad-blocking software hurts the site. When I was all done I used Gimagex to delete some of the bad images I’d made along the way.