You can select from any of the default templates via the New option. The addition of customizable scales has meant that you have complete control over the scales that you use in your drawings. MacDraft has undergone some major chnages at a low level, which has enabled us to provide a much faster performance, boosting the speed of the product. Architosh’s Expo Photos 2 – [25 Jan] Hot! Add interior walls with a mouse click using the parallel extrude tool.

macdraft personal edition

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You may wish to turn the Smart Snap feature off in more complex documents. Alternatively you can open you pesonal template files via the Open menu item via the File menu.

MacDraft Personal Edition Screenshots. The Helper palette will help teach you how to use the main tools and dimensions in MacDraft. Fixed an issue when adding guides with a position. Alternatively, lines can automatically be drawn from the center of an object, as well as from the middle or end points of a line or edge of an object.

MacDraft Personal Edition Starter Bundle

Theraspring Physical Therapy can help you. A great supplement to the objects you get with MacDraft!

We have introduced a new layers palette allowing up to 5 layers, bringing Macdraft PE up to a more familiar standard for interfacing. There are 1, separate 2D objects in this library. MacDraft Personal Edition 6.


macdraft personal edition

Fixed an obscure issue with file corruption on Save As For more information on both MacDraft products, visit: The size of drawing now adjusts peesonal the LCD monitor resolution, meaning that we can display the size of a page more realistically, as one inch on the screen is now closer to one physical inch. Top Keyword Search Terms: We have added new templates and sample libraries to help you get started with ease.

macdraft personal edition

You have complete control over the layers, allowing for them to be made Visible, Grayed or Invisible. The Resize palette can also be used to move objects or vertices to new absolute or relative positions. Never before has Macdraft PE included so many extras, making designs and layouts much easier and faster.

MacDraft Personal Edition 5.6.6

It has been our goal to provide macsraft and efficiency without losing ease of use, so we have included single key shortcuts for all of the tools. The all new version 6.

macdraft personal edition

Image resizing can sometimes be complicated, especially when printing is involved. Mzcdraft centering of the document is on by default, which means that all of your files will take advantage of the new positioning, making zooming and object manipulation editikn easier than before. With the Helper palette open, simply select one of the main tools or dimension tools and the Helper palette will guide you through how to use them and show some helpful tips.


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This allows for easier manipulation of documents with multiple layers and now that the layers are constantly in view as a palette, it gives a continuous indication of what is showing in a document.

Microspot Interiors updated to v. Architosh’s Expo Photos 4 – [25 Jan] Hot!

Here is a list of all your recent documents with previews, making it much easier and faster for you to locate your documents. New features as of Macdraft 6. Macdraft does not require anything beyond OS X Graphics Options to Expand – [7 May] Hot!

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You can also merge layers, which is now peronal. Sign in Create account. This has cleaned up and modernized the interface making the application much more user friendly.