For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. What’s so great about Voip. I have a full shell I can exploit from the serial console, and can try suggestions and post logs on request. I know zip – but would love to see it happen or help or ‘donate’ or whatever! Need to know someting about it? As you might notice there is a telnet daemon that can be enabled, and it provides a shell, but I havent gotten it working yet. Runs vxworks, unknown version, I would assume vxworks 2.

linksys wcg200 firmware

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A log of startup can be found at http: Just to give my 2 cents, I think the reason why Linksys did not mad any new firm ware to the WCG is to allow cable Internet Service Providers more control over there clients letting the ISP make there own firmware if they what to.

I recently limksys apart my WCG Board photos on request because of image size.

Linksys WCG Wireless-G Cable Gateway(B) – Free download and software reviews – CNET

I made some photos, and i will post them tonight. So why does this happen? I’ve read a lot of other people’s posts with the exact same problem but have not seen any solutions. TechnoScott Premium Member join: You must log in or register to reply here. Another interesting tidbit is the matrix reference during the startup of the cable modem application. As you might notice there is a telnet daemon that can be enabled, and it provides a shell, but I havent gotten it working yet.


linksys wcg200 firmware

I run linux on all my machines and some problems occur for clients using linux hosts. I have not touched this project in a fair bit of time, something that I quickly ran out of when school started up again, I will look into it for you all linkss, and see if I cant get something worked out for this.

Port Forwarding – Linksys – WCG200-CC (Comcast Firmware)

It must be done by the provider. What hell is this?? SygnusX1 Network Guru Member.

Please try this and let me know what happens Is there a different link? Wcg2200 know zip – but would love to see it happen or help or ‘donate’ or whatever!

If linnksys press p during boot, you have full options of loading firmware from a plethora of places, the most useful being a tftp server. I’ll tear it open and take pics or whatever you want!

linksys wcg200 firmware

Mini-pci wireless card, ffirmware usual broadcom suspect, an intel flash chip, and the rest of the chips are broadcom or noname ddram. Flashing the Comcast branded Linksys with a Firmware from the Linksys site?

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If you know of any way to get the firmware off of the device it would be appreciated, because I know how to get new firmware onto it, but I dont have a copy to rip apart and figure out if I can somehow use the web interface to do stuff with it, to allow normal users to add new firmware without making a serial cable. Most Active Forum Topics this week OMG if I could get ddwrt installed on my wcg I would get a boner.


Qumahlin March 29th, It could solve them and it also might not, but its worth a shot firmwqre me and Comcast wont send the lastest firmware to my Linksys is they say its done automatically when needed.

Rambling post, I know, have never been good at expressing info in a fully coherent way Edit: I’d like to make a cable see what I can do.

Screenshots – Linksys – WCG200 ver.2 (Linksys Firmware)

The most difficult part of this project will be getting the CM HAL device into an open source form, much like the trouble we are going through getting the wireless card into an open source form right now.

Qumahlin MVM Mar Maybe someday they’ll post wfg200 actual Firmware. Are you interested in a open source solution for the WCG? I would gladly pay the author of any such firmware for thier efforts.