The ColecoVision version was praised for the effort that had gone into replicating the visuals of the original arcade version, with reviewers making special note of the varied, non-repetitive backgrounds that enticed players to play in order to see “never-before-seen play scenes”. New Member Just Joined “”. Or this just a Modi fiction? Water Kahn Experienced Member. Turbo was ported to the Colecovision and Intellivision home consoles. I know why, probably because the Black Color is messed up, When you made Batman, it was all Black wasn’t it?

lf5 turbo game

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A Turbo board game was released by Milton Bradley in ArcadeColecoVisionIntellivision.

lf5 turbo game

An Atari port by Coleco was in development and advertised by Coleco and, but it was never completed, due in part to the lead programmer, Michael Green, having been struck and seriously injured by a drunk driver while riding a bicycle.

Think about that one person that has trusted you forever, not the thousand people that have betrayed you. All Seasons Roadways California Highways 1.

Lf4 Turbo has best Controlling moves that I can handle. Please show some screenshots, and include some information about the game. Its probably a Different shade of Black instead of full Black, thats the Reason this happened. Review scores Publication Score AllGame. Are u the real author?


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Turbo is featured in the film Koyaanisqatsi. Information about free computer Games: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Turbo North American arcade flyer. In addition to the on-screen display, Turbo features tubro LED panel to the left of the screen that displays the current player’s score and the high score table.

lf5 turbo game

In addition to competing racers, an ambulance occasionally comes along from behind and overtakes the player – they must be avoided, as contact with them will cause the player to lose a life; the game will be over when all player lives are gone. And ye its kind of remake: Turbi was reviewed by Video magazine in its “Arcade Alley” column where it was hailed as “the king of the video road”. New Member Just Joined “”.

This page was last edited on 9 Mayat Jun 3 Some of the adventures on this scenic drive require an admission fee that these passes cover.


Download Area LF Lainnya. LF2 All in one. Turbo was ported to the Colecovision and Intellivision home consoles. This is the tugbo of your second post.

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Reviewers also commented favorably on the realism-enhancing use of steering wheel, gas pedal, and gear shift peripherals. In the first round, ggame player has unlimited lives; collisions with other vehicles will return the player’s car to the bottom of the current screen. Shining Soul Little Fighter. Archived from the l5f on Check out my channelits going to be updated soon. I wanna look at it before downloading 60mbs I have a slow internet: Jan 4 The cars in the game resemble Formula 1 race cars.