Through this job, he witnessed some of the worst massacres committed by Serbian police and military forces against civilians. For Carkaxhiu, the jubilee was not something to be celebrated: It was everyday reality. It was simply impossible to let go just like that. The band performs in front of the Kosovo Parliament building. This gave a psychedelic feel to some of their early songs.

jericho zgjohu

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But one thing jerlcho remained the same: It is a call zgnohu to reawaken the feelings of idealism and humanism for the creation of a prosperous society, said Carkaxhiu. For Carkaxhiu, the ghettoization of Albanians felt similar to the oppression of African Americans as it was represented in the songs by Public Enemy, one of the main musical influences for Jericho at the time.

I was astonished to learn that the Petrit I was shaking hands with was the very frontman of the Jericho whose songs I had spent countless hours listening to while riding the number 7 subway above the elevated tracks in Queens.

From the basement, calls of rebellion. Their music was and is a social commentary, a demand for change, or, as seen in their later songs, an expression of their dissatisfaction with change and a call for the return to traditional values which, they thought, were disappearing too fast. Beside their music instruments, at their basement studio they also used a voice effect processor, a turntable borrowed from a friend who lived in Switzerland, and a Moog synthesizer, all of which enabled Jericho to experiment with sound effects such as delay, echo, pitch shifter, as well as use sound samples for the background atmosphere of their songs.


Jericho Zgjohu

Through this job, he witnessed some of the worst massacres zghohu by Serbian police and military forces against civilians. We were jeeicho witnesses of this kind of violence against the youth and the adults. The door was made out of sheet metal and the floor was concrete. And we played music. The war and its atmospheric aftermaths. These sparked general strikes and mass protests, which led to the establishment of a de facto police state.

jericho zgjohu

In the music video, a woman in black inside a bare-walled room carefully arranges flowerpots, perhaps each standing for one of the countries where Albanians live. The song starts with mellow and melancholic tunes.

Jericho-Zgjohu | Doovi

Eventually we played ball in the neighborhood. Albanians were fired en masse from the public sector, and with no other recourse they organized parallel institutions in private homes and facilities to provide education and health services.

It puts a spin on the idea of celebration and turns it into one of lament. Yet, it begins with a melody played by zurlea wind instrument used in Albanian folklore and is accompanied by hip-hop drum beats.

For their live concerts, the band also often employs Albanian instrumentalists playing zurnedaullecifteliand other folk instruments whose tunes they incorporate into many of their songs. By the end of the song, in a fit of madness and rage, as if possessed by the Furies, the woman in black smashes pots and destroys the flowers. The first time was totally accidental, when he was visiting Prizren during Dokufest, the documentary and short film jercho.

At the time Astrit Salihu jericcho in Zeri Javora Kosovo weekly magazine, one of first reviews about Jericho Walls — as the group was called for a brief period of time — and called them the musical wing of the KLA.


jericho zgjohu

On its fence, the photos of missing persons stand attached, all faded and weathered by time. Kosovo and its society changed a lot in the last 20 years. Both pulling, while your mouth foams.

Jericho: The bards of rebellion turn twenty

In fact, after the war the band sang in Albanian and incorporated Albanian folkloric elements in their tunes. In front of the garage, there was a basketball hoop where Albanians and Serbs would occasionally play together — not such a common sight during those times of segregation.

jericho zgjohu

For Carkaxhiu, the jubilee was not something to be celebrated: But by then Jericho had already had its first live performance in April of In a subconscious way, we were engaged in a type of a cultural resistance towards that social pressure during the transitional period.

After their first concert at Casablanca and their first TV appearance, Jericho continued to work on publishing their first album with a studio in Mitrovica. Grand celebrations sprung in towns and cities from Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, all the way to different capitals of Europe. Beside publishing the video, Jericho also performed it in a live concert in a swarming town square in Diber, Macedonia.

The song portrays the aftermath of war crimes, a neverending pain of longing for the missing persons, the endless torment without closure.