What Shiny post counter thingy and sorry for being so annoying I really mean it but now I’ll stop posting randomly I don’t like being a twelve anymore sorry sorry sorry soooooooo much. This map was made with the World Painter tool, and I’m quite pleased with the results. I found this great little program called World Painter That lets me edit the minecraft world directly and use that map. Jamziboy has a gift for designing and building desert structures. What direction should I go with this? Otherwise I wouldn’t check this thread every time it showed up on the posts since last visit.

jamziboy desert

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So I’m just gonna show you guys what I’m working on for the past week ish now.

That wwas not supposed to Be on this topic I’ll delet it. Otherwise I wouldn’t check this thread every dwsert it showed up on the posts since last visit. I’m kinda lookin at Agincourt, mebbe Loth. That’s why I set it up so the sailors can drop off their shipments, head to the bar down the street, then drunkenly stagger to the brothel further down, to the amusement of the patrons eating dinner in the inn.


Jamziboy has a gift for designing and building desert structures.

jamziboy desert

Sphax craft would be good for a modern build, but I don’t think it will work with my medieval style. I tend to rely on schematics dseert than my own designs. The artist, divici, has done a great job of capturing the feel of the movie set. Time for me to spam this topic with a bunch of pictures of the same build!

I need a great name, something that would be both striking and peaceful, something that would compliment its beauty while hinting at the secrets held within.

99 minecraft days – Page 3

Here are a few of my favorites. That’s actually a word? Here’s a quick overview of what I have so far it looks small because I made the valley too big: Also, default is default, so Another of the Middle Earth projects available for download.

jamziboy desert

The Village mechanics page on the Minecraft Wiki gives you the details but it takes about 3 doors to support one villager. Tell me what you think the city should be named. This guy is amazing.

I prefer the Sphax actually from this view. I value planning in any city, especially in the placement of the buildings. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy your mid-evil builds, in fact, I enjoy them a lot.

jamziboy desert

Divici has created another part of Middle Earth in great detail. I’ve been hard at work on Zland 1.


This is a huge world and will take some time to explore. I don’t want to bore you.

Made a few modular houses inspired by Jamziboy

That world painter tool is really awesome Mick. Still using Johnsmith Texturepack, which is, in my opinion, one of the best texture packs out there. You can download this world from Planet Minecraft. I’m on a roll!

Minecraft jm edit texture pack

Let me know if you like it, or if you have any suggestions. Links to other Divici creations are on this Planet Minecraft page. I see what you mean by the modern look but I only notice that when looking at the stone. I’m building up the town with all the essentials- bar, tavern, brothel, farm, docks, storage, and houses. I would like to apologize to Osga, because I won’t be on as much to continue our war.

I just wanted to know which of these you guys like best.