It is an imagined set of conversations between Marco Polo and the emperor of the 13th-century Mongolian empire, Kublai Khan. His energy for making music is really contagious. Crunked Up by Magic Drum Orchestra. Erez will be playing guitar with Sound of Dragon, as well. The title, Mi Alegria , or My Happiness , is a play on words:

itamar erez hommage

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It blends the delicateness of Middle Eastern music, the freedom found in jazz and the passion of flamenco, creating a unique sound all his own. The May 30 concert — in celebration of Asian Heritage Month — is the first collaboration of two professional music ensembles with Chinese roots from across the border between Canada and the United States.

Saved by the Drums by Stephane San Juan.

itamar erez hommage

Omar’a featuring Omar Faruk Tekbilek Bartok, Stravinsky, Coltrane and Bach. Itamar Erez photo by Nitzan Shorer.

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Itamar Erez & The Adama Ensembel – Hommage

I absorbed a lot of it. Find out more at shulaklinger.

Liron is one of the best handpan known also as Pantam or Hang player in the world, and a great flamenco guitarist. There was also live music in his home, he said. The dedication to Reinhardt is, as expected, a joyful guitar solo from Erez.


His father was a pilot who brought many stories and gifts home from overseas trips — food, clothes, shoes and the music. Choro for Lulo Itamar’s music holds a depth and sensitivity that touches listeners deeply.

If you like Hommage, you may also like:. Now that he has moved back, there will hopefully be many more opportunities to hear him play. He tells these stories with ease, which is reflected in his style of composition, with its shifting, fluid themes and nuanced moods.

Added to all the different traditions in Israel, Erez got a well-rounded education in music, which shows in his eclectic repertoire. Shula Klinger is an author and journalist living in North Vancouver. Or browse results titled:. Guy Buttery by Guy Buttery.

Not sure, to tell you the truth, exactly why and how — it just came to me one day as if a voice whispered it in my ear.

Hommage – Adama E, Itamar Erez | User Reviews | AllMusic

Erez’s breezy solo guitar composition, “Belonging,” bridges the gap between the steaming articulation of his dedication to Amigo and the sophisticated, multilayered Gismonti tribute, “Hommage.

The intense, mesmerizing repetitions and rising tensions evoke the intelligence of Dave Brubeck or Moe Koffmann, while the wind section takes the listener to the Middle East and China. His energy for making music is really contagious. Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends. We are very proud of this CD — in a duet setting, there is a lot of freedom to each musician, but at the same time you cannot hide behind other musicians.


Tickets for the Sept. Instead, he prefers to perform his own compositions. Last year was also a remarkable one for Israel-born Erez, and not just for his many performances.

This idea inspired Oliver to build his piece on four notes with ever-changing rhythms between different instruments to create great complexity. The dedication to Tekbilek, with Tekbilek himself adding ney flute, is one of the album’s most successful tributes.

itamar erez hommage

I was always impressed by his creativity and musical skills but we never got to collaborate together until now. Erez will be playing guitar with Sound of Dragon, as well. Crunked Up by Magic Drum Orchestra.

itamar erez hommage