P You can compare their wersion with mine, and have some idea of how your reviews will be done. I also wanted to ask…. Blogspot messes up my formatting when I use the justify paragraph alignment too. Shizuko and Fumiko are indeed very cool moms and MILs mothers-in-law , I like that both support their sons a lot and help them when needed. I do have a question — well, more like a request, really.

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I mean you should be able to enjoy the games and writing the summaries too, without any pressure or worries. D With the permission of all it might look something like this: To tell you the truth, I wasnt interested in anime and stuff, but you inspired me, and now im loving japanese games ccg etc.

ijiwaru my master cg pack

Just few know what VN is and it’s because of our critics who don’t want to open for new experiences, and stay with things that THEY liked. Nice to meet fellow Indonesians here in the fandom. Good luck with everything. You have really excellent dedication.

My email is teddybearlove98 yahoo. Sadly, people seem to misunderstand them because of how the anime portrayed them. En espaol, sin comentar y en HD. The issue with these people is that they forget or prefer to ignore that you also have a life outside games and writing the summaries.


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I have tried to pass that event 4 times, the first with 1 heart, the second with 3 hearts, the third with 2 hearts and the fourth with 1 heart again. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: And the trait of romance is certainly a huge difference from the other bloggers. Thank you Rin for that link, I definitely will do some proper commenting later when I finish my courseworks and tests.

Have you played Brilliant Blue yet? Would it be okay to exchange links?

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When he was about 12, Masashi actually cared a lot about his parents. Ijiwarj you so much for taking the time to write these reviews and summaries! I do agree its a so-so otome game but the characters and the awesome music ijiaru got me hooked on it lol. I had blog on WP and it was almost done — what took me a few hours. Yes I confess I only bought it just to get the pitiful scenarios from the boys. Anyway, are you interested in joining my visual novel interview?

People treated her like an unwanted woman because of this, and when she actually did get marry… it was simply for business. One post — one character’s route — and different views of different authors — signed of course.


ijiwaru my master cg pack

Hello, thanks for the nice comment! But it was really the bad ending which increased ijiwwaru love for Kugami.

Haba una vez, en el ao Rune Factory 4 is great. Your comment makes me feel so appreciated, so thank you! D Is this mail okay?

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mastet VNs rarely get translated into English, so I hope this blog can be useful for those who wants to understand the story. No worries or pressure about playing and writing the summaries for BB. And I must say I was amazed! I have also wondered about the fact that since Subaru is not good with girls and how he came to love Ema. With the permission of all it might look something like this: Yes, I do have plans to blog Hime-hen.