If the Overwrite Media Assessment test fails, the media should be retired and no longer used for Backup operations i. Click Test to execute a test or Utility to run a utility on the main toolbar. Run this test with the Allow Overwrite option set to False when you want to check that a tape cartridge is fit for purpose. This is helpful to visualize margin across the tape if a bad area covers more than one wrap. The Selector screen displays the various firmware files. When to run Run this test to verify that the tapes and drives are functioning properly. Available for C and C libraries Tests and utility functions Initialize Element Status test Description This test script executes an initialize element status command on the library, which instructs the library to perform an inventory of all its elements.

hp storageworks library and tape tools 4.11

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HP Library and Tape Tools User Guide

Useful for warranty identification. This option is enabled by default. If the Read Only Backup Assessment test fails, the backup needs to be run again, but you should run the Overwrite test first to check that the media is suitable to continue using for Backup operations.

To view or e-mail the individual files, rename the. The test then rewinds the tape and reads the snd just written. Use this test in conjunction with the System Performance Test to identify any system bottlenecks. When to run Run this test to verify the integrity of a particular piece of media, as written and read by a particular drive, and to verify the ability of the drive to read and write data independent of the storage application.

HP Library and Tape Tools User Guide |

The Drive Performance test uses the tape driver rather than the NT Miniport or ASPI to model the backup application, so the appropriate tape driver must be loaded for this test. When all the required parameters and options have been specified, enter the send command to generate and send the support ticket.


A script is created on the local management machine.

The sixth and seventh characters in the bar code label designate the type of tape. Make andd you follow this entire procedure before calling HP customer support.

HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools version by Hewlett-Packard – How to uninstall it

You can accept the default location or click Browse to install to a different location. When toola run Run the short version of the test when you suspect the drive may be responsible for CRC errors and want to do a quick test to verify. Download the file or files to the firmware directory. The versions of the event log are numbered in historical order.

Corrective action could take the form of: If the report format is available for the selected device, a 41.1 will be generated.

If any devices have been hot-swapped or powered on after the OS has booted, in most cases, the rescan feature can discover those devices without requiring a reboot of the system. Data is written and read using different combinations of encryption mode, decryption mode, and using both invalid and valid keys, checking for the correct response from the drive in each case.

When to run Run this test to change the vendor ID, which may be required for some storwgeworks to work properly. Stprageworks the product family, and then the particular product. For example, if six drives are selected in a drive taps and the test is configured to write tapes, then the test will limit the number of test tapes to Other notes Depending on the library model and test options selected, this test may overwrite data.


Download or copy the self-extracting executable file to a temporary location.

How to test and check a HP StoreWorks Ultrium tape drive

The test uses the bar code labels to determine whether a tape may be used in a specific drive. Managing firmware 37 Viewing firmware revision history In addition to downloading firmware files, the Get Files from Web dialog box provides revision history detail for firmware files. Return values are as follows: For a stand alone drive, only a single drive will be shown.

hp storageworks library and tape tools 4.11

Tapf device logical name is now assigned. This recommendation is based on reviewing library log data for certain critical errors, including those related to issues with the brush tracks.

If the cartridge has been formatted using LTFS, that information is shown with the cartridge type.

hp storageworks library and tape tools 4.11

Sending a report or support ticket by e-mail From the Support screen, click Send Support Ticket by E-mail to generate the support ticket and immediately send it via e-mail to an HP support center or other destination.

When to run Run this librart with the Allow Overwrite option set to True when you want to check whether a backup is fit for purpose. When set to True, the test will use the first tape found from the starting slot Starting slot for locating test tapes option to test all drives in the library, regardless of the drive type. If the drive firmware version is earlier than On the Update Firmware tab, select the box next to each device for which you want to update firmware.