Could you take a shot showing the cables in the back?.. As for Storage vMotion, I have no complaints. This adapter has 2 ports with connectors that will fit B21 cable. They have a best practices documents as well as one on replication. Some operations can take several seconds per LUN per path. The MPIO software is installed. Ultrium tape drives generation 3 drives volume 3-the scsi interface pages.

hp mpio msa dsm

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The executable for the firmware update is available on the HPe website under support.

hp mpio msa dsm

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. An extra additional license can be purchased that allows up to snapshots. Hp 3par command line interface administrator’s manual: THX for all the info sharing here! Your VM communication for normal networking should be separated.

If I have a single blade connected using the mpio 2x paths or 4x paths, it is stable as can be. After reinstallation and validating all IP connectivity then you read the remote host and reattach the volume. Wednesday, March 12, 2: Great blog and detailed write up on the MSA.


Server R2 – HP P G3 MSA – MPIO

You also need to have the host ports configured in iSCSI mode the unit ships with Fiberchannel as default. If you have to do 3 VMware hosts. I read through a couple quick documents on where to get started. Is it true that your setup is like http: Monday, July 25, 8: My question then is, once volumes have been mapped to both hosts, each host would see 2 separate volumes.

Edited by Nostra systems Monday, March 10, 9: HP Systems Insight Man HA should work without Storage Spaces – in fact, as I said earlier – Storage Spaces refuses to work with anything that is already Raided I can on Windows R2 – very easily.

hp mpio msa dsm

I can also answer any questions you may have if you want me to e-mail you. As per the logs we found SFP is not compatible with the Storage. I’m particularly impressed with point 9: VServer 1 10 GB port 1 Your narrative was very illuminating!

HP MSA 2000 series MPIO DSM on Windows 2008

Each of the 4 host connections are on different sub nets. Your English is fine!


hp mpio msa dsm

So use with the P G3 is out of the question really. Unfortunately the Pm isn’t compatible with our G7 blades – only for G8 blades.

HP StorageWorks MSA System MPIO DSM Installation Guide_百度文库

Let me know if you have any questions or need me to explain anything in more detail. Some operations can take several seconds per LUN per path. Is there any command to change the host controller port. A host identifies an external port to which the storage system is attached. Some filesystems do not allow access by multiple hosts because they were not designed to handle this, this can cause corruption. Well, I see that each port by controller has a different network segment.