Cause it’s fucking outstanding. She has to be perfect beyond perfect and even her brothers seem to fall into this. And out of all the Knight siblings Jacinda rubbed me the wrong way, initially. Fun and interesting characters. Swap 10 have, 16 want. This led me to Gaelen Foley’s Lady of Desire despite my author trepidation so far I’ve read 3 Foley romances – one of which I loved to bits, one of which I was meh on, and one which I loathed with a passion.

gaelen foley lady of desire

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Jun 13, Dee rated it it was amazing Shelves: His father was quite a brute and I personally feel he was forgiven too easily in the end. Feisty eighteen year old Lady Jacinda Knight is one her way to Paris. Sep 25, Karen rated it really liked it.

Lady of Desire

Lists with This Book. This was all in the hopes that he would die quickly, giving her the freedom she craved, which all seemed a little callous and a bit contradictory to other parts of her personality, especially when she continued this reckless doley even after her feelings for Billy had become readily apparent. His love for Jacinda makes me feel happy that he finds someone who deserves to love him. I was immediately certain that he would play desure significant role in a future book sand was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that he would be the hero of this story.

Foley, Gaelen – 3 – Lady of Desire

Billy gives Jacinda her first taste of pleasure before delivering her to her family’s doorstep, much to her chagrin. I freely admit I love a bad boy with a good heart.

Compared to her male siblings, it was quite admirable that she remembered her mother for her more heroic acts and not just the scandals she created. Although the hero was a bit immature as well, although much more likable. But this is a romance novel, and the gang leader she stumbles across is a macho, sexy, tattooed folye Adonis named Billy Blade who takes her back to his hideout while he figures out how to make sure she does not report on him to the police and at the same time how to best return her where she came from before his men slit her throat either for her jewelry or for her sexy self.


The scene folry William “Billy Blade” Albright being abused by his father is graphic and dramatic. His sly, cunning scheme to exact revenge on his former gang rivals had me grinning from ear to ear. In many ways I have to admire Billy Blade and the things that he tried to accomplish in his part of the rookeries he lived in.

The book did have quite an original plot, with Billy being the son of a marquess who treated him so cruelly that he fled his life of privilege and reinvented himself as the tattooed ‘Billy Blade’, a kind of Robin Hood figure in the slums of London. I haven’t read the books that precede this one, but the Knight brothers looks like a gaeleb and fascinating group.

It is ladj to be something that llady readers are not going to be able to handle, so be warn. Robert and Bel, Lucien and Alice, and Damien and Miranda from the first three books all played a part in Lady of Desirewith Lucien in particular being fairly important since Billy had been one of his underworld contacts.

I loved how because he was so neglected and mistreated and abused as a child, he treated everyone in Jacinda’s family with kindness, and especially made the effort to befriend Lizzie. Seriously though wish this series never ended or I had more than 1 book left from this to read. She glamorised her stupid mother who chose men over her children.


Lady of Desire by Gaelen Foley: | : Books

Jacinda was a strong heroine who was a cross between a sweetheart and a spitfire, but many times I felt like her character was rather uneven. Once he realised who she was, he returned her to her brothers but not before he had kissed her! Well, surely we can find a solution. Another solid addition to the Knight Miscellany series! He is tough and dangerous but yet flley and sweet.

Foley, Gaelen – 3 – Lady of Desire – PDF Free Download

While I was always leaning more towards the hero, the heroine grew up quite a bit towards the end, earning back some of the respect I so wan Desiree solid addition to the Knight Miscellany series! For more help see the Common Knowledge help page.

gaelen foley lady of desire

She starts teaching him how to fit into society. This series is just amazing! She runs away from the house and into the hero who runs a criminal gang.

gaelen foley lady of desire

What bothered me though, was the way she tried to go about getting it. Well it is and believe me it probably isn’t the one you think it is.

gaelen foley lady of desire

Dec 03, Bark rated it really liked it Shelves: Dawn Jan 29, I picked this book as my first Gaelen Foley because it had such great reviews, and having loved the tough-guy heroes in Lisa Kleypas’s [b: