The following code performs our simple text rendering with the functions previously described. There are cases where using a file pathname or preloading the file into memory is not sufficient. We define a handle named slot that points to the face object’s glyph slot. Converting a Character Code Into a Glyph Index Normally, an application wants to load a glyph image based on its character code , which is a unique value that defines the character for a given encoding. The still present few shortcomings will be explained, and solved, in the next part of this tutorial. I went to the this but nothing worked. Embedded bitmaps are always favoured over native image formats, because we assume that they are higher-quality versions of the same glyph.


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By convention, it always corresponds to a special glyph image called the missing glyphwhich is commonly displayed as a box or a space. It allows special installation tricks that will not be discussed here.


Loading a Glyph From the Face Once you have a glyph index, you can load the ftheader.g glyph image. I have built all the dependencies using a similar configure line but without the “–with-sysroot” option and they all compiled fine and were evidently getting files from the right location as can be seen by the ftheadet.h that header files that were on the build system and not on the target system were reported as missing.


I went to the this but nothing worked. An error is returned if its value is too large.

Ubuntu – File list of package libfreetype6-dev/xenial/amd64

It emulates ftheadeer.h Unicode charmap if the font doesn’t contain such a charmap, based on glyph names. Sign up using Facebook. Normally, it is not equivalent to a pixel. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. For some fonts like symbol fonts, no Unicode emulation is possible at all.

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It is set to NULL in case of error. More Advanced Rendering Let us try to render transformed text now for example through a rotation. Active 5 years, 6 months ago.


I will report back if ftheaeer.h throws up an error later downstream. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. This index tells which face you want to load. This can be a single directory or a comma-delimited list of directories. The still present few shortcomings will be explained, and solved, in the next part of this tutorial. If your system supports it – use pkg-config utility, which can provide all compilations flag, e. How do we handle problem users? This function sets the current transformation for ftheadwr.h given face object.


This ftheadeg.h line looks up the glyph index corresponding to the given charcode in the charmap that is currently selected for the face. Asked 5 years, 6 months ago. This function computes the possibly fractional character pixel size that corresponds to the character width and height and device resolutions.

I have been making them available at https: It is used fthesder.h several reasons. A complete source code example can be found here. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: My situation seems to vary slightly from the others such that the path to my files is different.


The advance width is always returned transformed, which is why it can be directly added to the current pen position. Some formats may have even more exotic ways of representing glyphs e.

Another solution is the freetype-config script. If you want to reproduce this issue, I can save you some time with the dependencies.