The computer reboots to second stage installer, the second stage installer reboots itself right away After it comes back it spits out the error I described at the top. So heres what I did: Backslash is escape character in write command. I know I am picky. Reply to this topic Start new topic.


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Index of /multisystem/nonfree

SIF that you “may add”, where is it, where you add it? It is not bootable. Spoiler Install FiraDisk driver in Windows.


And both hard disk are available. I cannot find what was wrong, so I think I had to roll back to 0. I just booted moa from a Mb image.

I have a collection of 5 ready disk images that was uploaded earlier; http: Another idea- could ImDisk be avoided and use boot.

Right-click the new firadisk. Planned features in future versions: You currently have javascript disabled.



Slow transfer speed of RAM drive. When your Windows has problem running or is infected with viruses, it is difficult or sometimes impossible to fix it from within windows itself.

Error 15, File not found. Contrary it’s insane to include all driverpacks to ISO image. The idea is used from firdisk.ima from CD The integrated version is changed: Clone Windows to image, add or repalce files, modify registry hive.

I don’t use such, so I have no idea. If you install with method 3, only firadisk service is installed. The fake setup calls the original, renamed setup: It emulates SCSI adapter and disk.

Did it work for you or not?

Posted September 7, What happens with boot. Several functions may not work. When you run Windows from RAM. I noticed a new setting in firadisk. When Windows prompt you to install driver for the new firadisk device, just follow the instruction on screen.

FiraDisk (latest = ) – FileDisks/RamDisks: Firadisk, etc. –

DriverForge is used automatic at T-9 to install these drivers by using UserExecute command in [setupParams] section of winnt.


If you don’t want to be warned about unknown publisher, you may install my self-signed test-signing root certificate before you install this driver. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.


Then you could concatenate track 0 with your partition image OR If you have the good fortune as before to simply have track 0, then partition, simply add the count for sectors-per-track for track 0 with the sectors-per-your-partition.

Posted September 7, edited. Posted September 10, Posted September 6, Joakim, what tool do you use now for initial creation of raw disk image?