Searching for the topic on the Smith Micro Web site revealed an intricate way of removing all the various components by hand. I let out a sigh of relief as each page appeared, perfectly formed and eminently readable. I’ll report you immediately. Read Macworld–they have a review coming out. The thing is, since I have a dedicated fax machine here at the house, I have never needed a software-based fax program. I echo the sentiments of others when I yearn for a truly business level fax program for the Mac and also place a lot of the blame squarely on the shoulders of Apple for not catering to the business professional. I had used Cocoa eFax and found it to be quite adequate for home use–considerably cheaper, too!


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Don’t waste your time with it– period! They took the high road. It can create cover sheets with company logos, etc. The FAXstf Pro Browser window looks simple to use, but soon fills up with multiple tabs and sub-windows.

PageSender Fax Center 4. Even though the left and right margins of each page were somewhat truncated, I could still figure out what was supposed to be there, and got to work on the arrangement.

The only logical solution was for the arranger in Los Angeles to fax me his arrangements, and I in turn would produce the parts for the string players and FedEx them back to him in time for the sessions. Read Macworld–they have a review coming out.


FAXstf Pro X (Mac)

The good news is that Karelia remained undaunted and Watson is better than ever at version 1. How I miss Global Fax!!

Wondering how the folks at Smile Software were faxsff the news about the Panther fax client it’s almost a guarantee that it won’t support full-sized 11×17 pages the way Page Sender doesI decided to write them and ask this very question. Add my vote to the long list of requests to have decent FAX software for the Mac. You have no shame.

New Knowledge Base Articles: FAXstf X; Apple Remote Desktop – CNET

Of the things I can discuss, based on public information, you can: What surprises me though is that Apple is still continuing with these guys!! I reminded them that I had called or e-mailed them at least 8 times and was finally faxtf to call Apple Fwxstf was using the bundled version. Horrible product, terrible support, would not recommmend to my worst enemy.

Their are a lot of quality people out there looking for jobs right now. I always hated it. Nice, slick web site fooled me into thinking it was a nice, slick product. I do not know whether I will upgrade this time as I need powerful faxing software that is multi-featured as was FAXstf ions ago, but lost it when Jaguar arrived.

I have been working on an album project for the faxatf couple of months, and discovered, right before leaving for Spokane, that string sessions had been scheduled for the following week.


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Don’t waste your money. I dont think I can have 2 instances of Pagesender running simultaneously, although that would be great. Finally, I discovered Page Sender and acheived Satori.


Last month I spent a couple of weeks in Spokane on personal business. If I needed to, removing the program would not be a hassle. Considering how long FAXstf has been around on the Mac, this is unforgivable. The success or failure faxshf the endeavor rested, however, solely on the abilities of the fax software I would use.

We bought seven copies for our office.

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The thing is, since I have a dedicated fax machine here at the house, I have never needed a software-based fax program. PS is a great product other than this issue.


Update to OS X, and it was the only game in town. Ergo, i’m not buying their product again, no matter how good it is. All major e-fax services are supported in Page Sender, unlike its competition. Apple said, well, it was garbled from the laughter at first.