Improving the question-asking experience. Even if you did use their code within your server’s services, the GPL “loophole” as you called it means you don’t need to distribute your server side source code. Sign up to join this community. Examples and Showcases Sencha Touch 2. Improving the question-asking experience. Sign up using Facebook. Presumably, you won’t need any of Sencha’s ExtJS code for the services that you are putting together.

extjs 4 gpl

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I am currently in the process of selecting a widget framework to be used for a new project. Quick Navigation GXT 4. Active 2 years, 5 months ago. Download previous versions of ExtJs Ask Question. I am wondering if the past versions no more available as non-commercial? Njdhv I have already tried the link By JesusJoseph in forum Sencha Touch 2.

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GXT GPL Version is Now Available

Moreover, the tagged duplicate question provides an external non Sencha link to Extjs I am sorry if the questions is irrelavant for stackoverflow or exjs it’s too naive. Did you actually try finding 5.

extjs 4 gpl

Why not ask the vendor? Sign up using Facebook. Bad gpk porblem what can’t fixed width latest version of java for mac Best Answer Posted by. App Contest Sencha Touch extks. Discussion Sencha Touch 1. Asked 4 years, 5 months ago. Stay Connected Join our mailing list Subscribe. I am trying to download ExtJS 5 source javascript file s i. Sign up using Email and Password. Improving the question-asking experience. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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Bugs Sencha Architect 2. List not showing in card edtjs in 2. Post as a guest Name. Check out my GitHub: Seems contradicting on what they have on Sencha’s licensing page. You can download it from our GPL page.


Therefore, the company does not have to release the modified sources. Sign up using Email and Password. The question is not a duplicate as far as I see it.

extjs 4 gpl

Thank you for the help in advance. Examples and Showcases Sencha Touch 1.