I’ve been so busy at work lately that I haven’t had time to have another look at it for a while but if you come up with a different method than the one I have tried I will give it a go when I get back from holiday next week. The software programme determines a tool selection for processing that prevents tool exchanges when possible. This website uses cookies. Take note of the file name it states and then create it in the general parameters. The processing steps were entered into eluCad with simple data entry. Modern machines, comprehensive knowhow, effective production cycles — at the occasion of the opening of their new aluminium extrusion press, the FEAL d.


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This prevents expensive machine crashes and downtimes.

The new profile machining centre is installed, but who can effectively operate the versatile machine? I tried to attact a pic elsuoft the system directories but if it doesn’t show you go to 5.

Read more on 6. I’m beginning to think that this is only going to be fixed by renewing the support contract with Elumatec which isn’t going to happen at the moment.

elusoft GmbH

Profile views can be uploaded from a profile database, new profiles can be simply loaded into the programme. Because the programme requires comprehensive information such as cut length, immersion depth, diameter, total length and data for tooling acceptance for example, new tools must be calibrated into the system.

Hopefully you chaps up in Europe get better service from them, than us down at the South end of Africa. With eluCad, processing programs can be created quickly and easily. This website uses cookies. Create your machining programs quickly and transfer them to the machine easily. The optimising programming software is marketed worldwide, and so eluCad is available in different language versions.



When we order the genuine parts it takes ages to get them elusofg Germany and then we get ripped off with the price, on top of that. These 3-dimensional displayed parts can be turned, reduced in size or zoomed in on — just like the observer wants.

Intuitive operation, clear presentation. The profile machining software can take data from various different design programs and process them further.

Qualified IT specialist training at elusoft GmbH. New program versions are reactions to market requirements or customer requests. Machining processes such as holes, circular pockets, slotted holes or grooves can be called up by pushing a button.

Elucad/Elusoft Profile Databse Help

I need to check at elisoft on Monday, but I’m pretty sure the general parameter files on the machine, don’t have a.

It consists of experienced practitioners who use their creativity, know-how and passion to develop our targeted solutions. A window with the generated control program for the target machine opens immediately.


elsoft Operating the program is intuitive, can be customised and is characterised by practical functionality. Aluminium extruded profiles give these lightweight freight boxes the stability they need to protect their valuable contents. Another thing check to make sure your system directories epusoft set right on the machine.


Select the target machine from the suggestion list — and then just press the NC button. Please choose a language to read the full report pdf: I’ve elueoft so busy at work lately that I haven’t had time to have another look at it for a while but if you come up with a different method than the one I have tried I will give it a go when I get back from holiday next week.

Try loading it using the SBZ v1. Read more on These modules can optionally be purchased when a customer needs one.

eluCad | elusoft GmbH

I was just wondering if the profile data that you’re reading off the disk is getting saved somewere else. The method of transfering profile databases from PC to CNC that I described in my previous post is from the instructions I have from him.

This user-friendly software is designed so that the user does not have to program using ISO code directly — all that is required is the entry of the data in a logically structured graphic user interface. I’m following a guide by someone who works for another local company and he even came up and had a go at getting it to work himself with no luck. Links elumatec Wibu Systems.

Our version of elucad only lets us save as v1.