Step 3 instructs the user to Generate A Measurement Page. Target from the drop down menu and then click View. Now follow the directions from the Place Patch Page dialog to calibrate the Fiery. Select the output profile for the Printer – Print controller that you are working with, and then click Select. The default location is in the Color Wise Pro Tools folder. In general, we would like to see measured D-Max values meet or exceed the target D-Max values for each channel.

efi colorwise pro tools

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When a noticeable change to color quality has occurred, before printing large jobs, after a PM and any time a job contains critical color requirements are just some of the instances that would necessitate calibration. If your equipment is not listed, click Add to initiate a search for all networked Fiery servers. Now click the Customize button Practice makes perfect If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it A picture is worth a thousand words If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

Click the icon next to each color channel on the right hand side of the Measurement vs. Originally Posted by xximhxx. Row three displays the default calibration with no simulation.


efi colorwise pro tools

As mentioned, it is important to calibrate to the paper stock that is being used. Originally Posted by colorwis. The Scanner Calibration Setup window will instruct you to place both the Kodak Grayscale and Color Target strips face down on the scanner glass in the upper left hand corner so that it is centered along the top edge of the of the Scanner Calibration Page.

The time now is This ensures that the appropriate calibration is applied when mixed media is used in a print job!

Xerox DocuColor with Fiery EX Leaflet – Page 1 of |

Step 5 -Print Pages will give you the opportunity to print a Comparison Page to visually examine the results of calibration. In this exercise, we will also calibrate the scanner.

efi colorwise pro tools

Target window to view one color at a time b. Now proceed to Step 4 – Get Measurements. However, depending on the print environment, a user may also choose efii calibrate each time a job calls for different paper stock! When complete, click OK The default location is in the Color Wise Pro Tools folder. A user must be logged in as an Administrator in order to calibrate. Target window also lists the maximum density values D-Max for each color.


Return to your workstation and select Continue. Retrieve the measurement page from hools output tray of the print engine. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. You may save your calibration as either a measurement, a simulation or as a new target for use as a benchmark for future calibrations. I’m on a Bizhub pro c with the IC controller. Step 3 instructs the user to Generate A Measurement Page.

Xerox DocuColor 3535 with Fiery EX3535 Leaflet

The second row displays the images with the proposed calibration. You may save your calibration anywhere on the network.

Click the Measurement radio button and then click OK The top two rows show the path taken by RGB data through the Fiery.

Now click Apply to accept the calibration. The Print Options dialog appears a. Results 1 to 10 of In the top right hand corner of the Calibrator window, select Expert Mode to open the window and display the six-step calibration procedure 6. Click the Measure button