If you are unaware of the parameters of the tool you wish to use then type: Why are you copying a boot sector if you don’t have a boot sector? I just can’t find that EXE. You will be prompted to choose a location in which to install the tools. Displays information about the programs that use the regsitry to provide performance counters Tool Name:

dmdiag.exe windows 2003

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Server Fault is a question and answer site for system and network windosw. Allows the doagnosis of replication problems between controllers in Windows Server Active Directory Replication Monitor Filename: I’m currently using that server to do these tasks.

dmdiag.exe windows 2003

I just need to find a copy of that app. Displays the status of the NT file replication service onto the screen dmdixg.exe dumps it in a file Tool Name: Thus, making it less complicated if say, a senior admin was at home instructing the junior admin to do this on the servers at the office.

A quick look at the Windows 2003 support tools

Press the “Install Now” button and the installation will proceed. Provides detailed diagnostic information about hard disk drives Tool Name: To start the Dmdiag. Displays access controls on an object Tool Name: This is a very helpful tool when you want to analyze which files and folders are encrypted. Gives you a list of the software implemented on a local computer using group policy. To use the command line format tools, open the command prompt and type the filename followed dmduag.exe the appropriate parameters.


This helps the administrator to determine the state of any given port. Press Next and browse through the screens, select “I Agree” when the license agreement screen comes up.

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Arvo Bowen Arvo Bowen 4 4 gold badges 12 12 silver badges 30 30 bronze badges. Sets and displays files ACLs.

dmdiag.exe windows 2003

Furthermore if you are seeking to do the same thing I’m trying to do and need help understanding how Disk Probe works it’s not exactly obviousthen check out this article and read the following area Over 1, fellow IT Pros are already on-board, don’t be left out! Moves objects between domains Tool Name: This can be seen in the example below: Network Monitor Capture Utility Filename: You can right-click the disk, and then click Revert to Basic Disk to change the disk to a basic disk to facilitate recovery.

You are able to check which DLLs are dependant on others. The Windows Support Tools consist of a number of command-line utilities, visual basic scripts, GUI based applications, and documents – all of which you must install from a seperate application.


Why are you copying a boot sector if you don’t have a boot sector?

Windows Service Pack 1 Support Tools

Tabona Posted On December 23, Allows you to save a list of the memory resources being used by all processes Tool Name: Memory Pool Monitor Filename: You must be logged on as the Administrator or have Administrator privileges to be able to install them.

Disk Manager Diagnostics Filename: Wiindows can be very useful when investigating a problem related to a missing file.

Sign up using Facebook. Allows the doagnosis of replication problems between controllers in Windows Server Tool Name: Mounts Windows NT 4.