The only thing I can say, if a trap won’t work for some reason, that is you got him trapped for turns and turns and he goes on fighting, it is often a good idea to “let him free” donate one or two not too important bases if you have to and try again somewhere else. If there are different trap types in one camp, you can switch productions via the info screen when stock is full – very nice because you don’t have to be there. View all Chatbox messages posted by PrejudiceSucks. Find Threads Started by Jack Swift. Technology is thrown back a couple of hundreds centuries. Find More Posts by jimmy

burntime 2047

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Actually, it’s easy as that: Reputation is earned by killing others and fullfill requests from your anchestors. Sam 2 points. In the end, there will be some questions that came up to me.

Having a lot of fun with this game. Ach, poor guy he knows no better.

Burntime 2047

You had that problem? You might be surprised how little food and water you need when you’re alone. If you sell a bottle or canteen or probably any water-carrying item to the bar or restaurant, you get additional value equal to the quantity of water carried. Fully supported on 0. You’ll be there and back in no time.


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Have your mechanic be at home here, and dump any parts and useful stuff in one room. Still, attractive graphics, vast gameworld to explore, and hidden surprises in the game keep it from being completely boring. You can assign various types of people to tasks they are most suitable for, such as fighters to take burnrime cities. Make it on your own: Description of Burntime Burntime is an innovative post-apocalyptic strategy game from the makers of underrated strategy classic Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible.

burntime 2047

Though, usually you don’t get much choice in buying items. Last edited by Stalker on Actually, he already laughed at me 10 years ago when I first showed him this great game! Oops, this has become long If there are different trap types in one camp, you can switch productions bruntime the info screen when stock is full – very nice because you don’t have to be there. Feels like somewhat of a budntime to famous later games like Fallout, even though it has less of a storyline and more of a stroll through ruins and secure food and wealth feel to it.


Still a lot of work to do.

They will not increase every water supply, think carefully where you put them: Czar Old Suggestions 12 Find Threads Started by Jack Swift. Find Threads Started by jimmy There can only be six of the “home type” food in stock, but as many as you like lying around works only in single player, otherwise this works as a self-service-shop for your opponent. Users browsing this forum: Especially if you always realised the custom building feature Great!

Of course, have someone to do the dirty work. Alex 1 point DOS version. When hiring, it’s often worth trying to empty all meat out of your bag and first try with snakes. Sometimes he is obviously doing nicely, but somehow gets into trouble when entering one of my medium camps, and I get the “xyz has died” screen totally to my surprise.

I had the burntime fever last couple of days after not having played for ages!

burntime 2047