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bokka town of strangers album

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Saturday 28 September Sunday 14 April Bokka 45, listeners Related Tags polish electronic downtempo Since Polish band Bokka formed a year ago, bookka trio has intentionally kept their personal identities completely veiled, from opting out of their own music video to posting no press photos and leaving even their names off any profile or website they’ve published.


bokka town of strangers album

Sunday 18 August Thursday 19 September Do you know any background info about this track? Saturday 20 April ztrangers Monday 13 May Tuesday 20 August Sunday 1 September Tuesday 16 July Saturday 21 September Friday 13 September Tuesday tsrangers June With their first single “Town of Strangers”—off BOKKA’s forthcoming, self-titled debut album out November 21 via Nextpop Songwriters and Parlophone Poland—they create the same kind of intentional, almost cinematic mystery musically, but with the most intimate tools: Sunday 21 April

bokka town of strangers album