France Minister, assisted and later succeeded his father D. Page 3 Written in Latin, the Domesday Book is the starting point of history for the majority of towns and villages in England. Martha Ann Tankersley, his 1st cousin 1. James Monroe Tankersley B. Tradition claims the manor was built around AD. Moved to Williamson County. Lo, Normandy France [No information hereafter on this branch] B1.

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For the yearpage 23, states: Born in Columbus, Dolores had lived most of her life in the Akron area.

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X10 [No given name] de Fontaine William Tankersley and Sarah A. June 18, March 11, Wylie Duke Tankersley B. Robert Barret and Elizabeth Lewis B.

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X5 Jean de la Fontaine, his grandfather, was over 8 years old. Mustered out 28 July October 4, 1.


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Etienne de la Fontaine [Etienne des Fontaines, Chevalier] and [? I believe that he was completely made up in order to connect us to En-Fulsus qui erat apud Conquestum.

January 20, M. Was living in the time of Louis, King of France, [about age 90]. William Anderson Tankersley o 1. Mary Ann Ramsey B. January 14, in Spotsylvania County, Virginia M.

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King Henry IV “wanting to judge from the man’s appearance whether there was an excuse for the wife’s act”, de-manded that Jacques appear before him. Catherine de la Fontaine B.

Charlie Plunket Tankersley B. James Fontaine [Not verified]57 B. They are closely related to each other in every respect, and are heavily dependent upon one another or at least have been in past centuries. April 28, M. September 20, D. Before in France [B1. Francois de la Fontaine B. Richard Henry Tankersley16 B. October 28, P a g e 89 D.


December 22, 1. Mary Jane Tankersley B. Amy Kite was living, or at least went to the census at the same time, with her son Montague in Henry Clay Tankersley24 B.

James Harvey Tankersley M. January 4, 89 in Virginia, United States 1. Albert Jackson Tankersley B. X5 Pierre was about 31 years old] M.

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September 1, 1.