NET, has been updated to eliminate the error Handshake type 13 not supported. Under this color space, a color is specified by a single numeric value in the range [0. Sep 25, – AspPDF 3. For more information about these new enhancements, please visit www. For more information, and to download AspJpeg 2. For more information about this much-requested feature, and to download AspEmail 5.

asppdf 1.8

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Please refer to the previous section of 1.88 chapter for more sampled function examples. The PDF-to-Image functionality has been optimized to improve performance and reduce memory footprint. The name of the colorant that this color space is intended to represent needs to be specified.

asppdf 1.8

Download your free day evaluation version here. Bounds1Bounds2Set the new property OutputFormat to 2 to save an image as a bitmap. Please download your free day evaluation copy here. It no longer concerns itself with obsolete features such as bit encryption and comes with tons of new codes samples both in VB Script and C.

asppdf 1.8

These methods implicitly set the current color space to RGB and CMYK, respectively, and then specify the current color within this color space. NET version does not need to be registered on the web server: For more information and to download AspEncrypt 2.


Please download the fix from www. This site is owned and maintained by Persits Software, Inc. New articles are being added every day!

CreateColorSpace “Separation” ; csSep.

AspPDF & AspPDF.NET Released

This allows you to know where exactly a particular text string or string fragment is on the page. The new version of our industry-standard upload solution will offer a stunning HTML-based progress bar, ability to handle very large files up to 2 GB in sizeUnicode support, and tons of other new features. The graph above shows a simple 1-input, 1-output function with the domain [0, 1] and range [0, 1], approximated with 5 samples: In response to your numerous requests, we have added a new mode to AspGrid which enables a user to edit, save and delete multiple records at once.

Previous versions could only print invidual pages in a one-sided mode. NET is now in beta. Mar 13, – AspPDF 3. NET’s content extraction functionality in your apps, you should upgrade to the latest version without delay. A function to add two numbers has two input values and one output value: NET counterpart, is now officially released!


It also fixes several major and minor bugs. This bug was introduced by an earlier release.

asppdf 1.8

A text string containing the actual PostScript code must be specified via the property PostScript. It also draws a series of bars under the default grayscale color space, a Separation color space with a sampled transformation function, and a calibrated grayscale color space.

AspPDF – Object Reference: PdfCanvas

NET mailing components features support for DomainKeys Identified Mail DKIMa method by which the sender digitally signs the email message to prove it really comes from the domain it claims it comes from. A bug causing password authentication failure with some PDF documents has been fixed.

Size1Size2Oct 22, – AspPDF 3. N required – the number of color components in the ICC profile data. NET and not EmailAgent.