Gianni Nicoletto 16 Estimated H-index: Tuesday, June 5, – 2: Metallography is readily applied to statistical pore characterization. The quantification of the defect size is performed for each defect and Kitagawa type diagrams are produced for each load ratio. Properties heat and corrosion resistant strength and oxidation resistance subsequent heat treatment and machining possible Applications Functional prototypes Rapid Repair Rapid Manufacturing Aerospace Industry components with severe thermal conditions and high risk of oxidation, e. Our materials, systems and process parameters are perfectly matched , allowing excellent reproduction of the defined property profiles. Properties Excellent corrosion resistance reduces tool wear and maintenance costs easy to machine age hardenable up to approx.

as7g06 alloy

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In a vast experimental campaign undertaken to investigate the fatigue damage mechanisms operating in this alloy, subject to complex loading conditions, it was shown that two different coexisting fatigue damage mechanisms occur in this materials, depending on the presence of different microstructural heterogeneities i. A defect was represented by a semi-spherical void situated at a specimen surface subjected to periodic loading.

This class of superalloy is characterized by having excellent mechanical properties strength, hard-ness etc. Published on Apr 1, in Procedia Engineering. References 38 Citations 34 Cite. Abstract Experimental Kitagawa analysis has been performed on AT6 containing natural and artificial defects.

as7g06 alloy

High cycle fatigue approach based on affected depth and considering the secondary dendrite arming spacing SDAS effect for a defective AT6 alloy. In particular, the AlSi7Cu05Mg03 alloy is investigated. To advance fatigue life prediction algorithms, more comprehensive knowledge of the intensity and distribution of slip within microstructure at the notch root is desired to quantify notch size effects.



It can be used in many areas, such as for watch and jewellery making, in the medical field for surgical aids, endoscopic surgery and orthopedics or in aerospace for the manufacture of mounting parts.

High cycle fatigue damage mechanisms in cast aluminium subject to complex loads. DSG approach is finally implemented in a finite element simulation of a structural component in order to show that such an approach can provide a defect size map.

as7g06 alloy

However, random 2-D sections through pores do not provide good estimates of the defect size without further data analysis. Affected depth approach to determine the fatigue strength of materials containing surface defects.

In both states — as-built and solution heat treated — the parts can be machined, spark-eroded, welded, micro shot-peened, polished, and coated if required.

Properties heat-resistant high tensile, creep and rupture strength good corrosion resistance Applications Functional prototypes Series-production parts Aerospace Motorsport Industry e. It is shown that the critical defect size that does not lower the fatigue strength is close to the grain size of the material. What is more, EOS is constantly refining its high-tech materials based on specific customer requirements. Multiaxial fatigue life estimation of defective aluminum alloy considering the microstructural heterogeneities effect.

Product sa7g06 EOS StainlessSteel PH is a stainless steel characterized by having an exceptional resistance to abrasion, wear and corrosion. Several artificial defects are machined on fatigue specimen with different distance between edges.


Due to excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and a high degree of purity, the light metal alloy EOS Titanium Ti64ELI is suitable for demanding industrial applications.

as7g06 alloy

The influence of complex defects on fatigue limit is analyzed under multiaxial loadings. Defects as a root cause of fatigue failure of metallic components.

Abstract Pores associated to the casting process are highly detrimental to the fatigue behavior of Al—Si alloys.

Comparison Table of Cast Aluminum Alloy Grades

Our materials, systems and process parameters are perfectly matchedallowing excellent reproduction of the defined property profiles. AlSi10Mg is a typical casting alloy with good casting properties and is typically used for cast parts with thin walls and complex geometry. This material is ideal for many part-building applications such as functional metal prototypes, small series products, individualized products or spare parts.

The Crossland stress change is studied and interpolated by a mathematical function depending on fatigue limits, The manufactured aas7g06 can be further processed or polished.

EOS Metal Materials for Additive Manufacturing

Probabilistic framework for a microstructure-sensitive fatigue notch factor. The latter can be used to define allowable defect size for industrial ass7g06. Experimental investigation of the size effect in High Cycle Fatigue: Evaluation of surface roughness parameters and their impact on fatigue strength of Al-Si cast material.

Engineering Fracture MechanicsElsevier, pp. Unexposed powder can be reused.